The Empowered Parent

The Empowered Parent is a unique program of group based workshops.

There are many excellent parenting courses offering tips, advice and do’s and don’ts.  This is not that. The Empowered parent differs in that it focusses on the parent and not the parenting.

Through a series of whole group, small group and individual activities, the program enables parents to realise their strengths and natural abilities, and re-discover their dreams, passions and purpose to ultimately become all they have the potential to be.

Parenting can feel like the most daunting and unnatural process at times and yet there is very little else in nature more natural.  The Empowered Parent Program equips parents with tools to find and grow the abilities and skills they already have and the opportunity to build their confidence in using them.

It’s important that parents live fulfilled lives and are able to model this and guide three children to their own fulfilled life. Every tool and activity delivered on the program is designed to be passed on so that the Empowered Parent can help creat the Empowered Family.

The Empowered Parent is a suite of termly courses and standalone workshops.

Standalone Workshops