Graydin – Coaching in Education

Graydin is dedicated to improving leadership skills, communication skills and wellbeing in schools by training staff, students and others the school community to coach.

Graydin is a professional development organisation driven to develop a community of coaching schools around the world.  We work with schools in the United Kingdom as well as the United States, Australia, Canada and China.

Graydin specialises in delivering professional coaching, training and other coaching services that:

  • Equips teachers with adaptable skills that enhance their capacity, wellbeing and effectiveness
  • Supports school communities (students, teachers, senior leaders and parents) to embed, sustain and benefit from a coaching culture
  • Creates a global community of coaching schools

I am an associate Coach and Trainer with Graydin. Contact me for more information about the work, what we can offer and how we can partner with your school.  Alternatively check out Graydin’s Website: