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WIP Coaching Spring Project

Teacher Work / Life Balance – Tip the Scales this spring

Following the success of last Summers project I am making this one a little more specific. I am looking for 5 teachers to embark on a coaching project with me.

The premise is simply the question “Can you begin to adjust your Work / Life Balance before the Summer holidays?

As a former teacher I am more than aware of the amazing and fulfilling job teaching is and yet at the same time the huge and unique demands it places on personal and home life.  Since leaving teaching and beginning to work in education as a coach I can only say that the scales seem to be as unbalanced as ever.

To help me answer the question I am offering my complete unlimited coaching package to 5 teachers over the remaining 20 weeks of the academic year at 70% discount. 

My only request as ever is that you are willing to jump into this wholeheartedly and are willing to feedback on your journey

Message me or leave a comment if intrigued


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