Do You View Your Life as a Building Site or Stately Home? – Part 1

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Somebody once asked me ‘Would you rather your life be a building site or a stately home’.

How often do we feel the pressure to be a stately home, to have the perfect house, car, phone, job, spouse, children, friend and ultimately life? But where does this lead us? Do we find satisfaction in the next best phone, or the statement car? And what pressures do we put on our relationships if our spouses, children and friends are required to live up to some expectation, or more dangerous still, expected to bring us fulfillment.

But a building site? Does that not suggest mess and noise and incomplete structures replacing broken old buildings, and a whole load of other connotations I’m sure. Well I don’t know about you but that probably depicts the reality of my life far more than the stately home and anyway, it all depends on what perspective your viewing the building site from.

You see a building site is also a place of huge creativity, of growth and development. You can often see the progress on a daily basis. There is movement and excitement and evolution. A stately home is a fixed environment. There is no playing in a stately home, there is no touching or any interaction at all actually. It is simply there to be viewed and admired. Just ask an 8 year old child whether they would rather be let loose on a bulding site or a stately home.   The stately home is the finished article but then again it has been for the last so many hundreds of years, it is literally stuck in time. A building site is a Work In Progress.

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