How would life be different if we could view everything we do as a Work In Progress.  Every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity to learn. Our education, our work, our relationships, our family… they are all really a Work In Progress. They all take work and every moment takes us to the next.  Its easy to celebrate successes but what can we learn from them? Its possible to learn from mistakes but are we able to celebrate them. Toddlers learning to walk fall over all the time, of course they do this skill is a work in progress, but how quick are they to learn from this? Without the judgement of others or themselves.  If life is a Work In Progress we may as well learn to enjoy it.

Enjoy the WIP is the central hub for all that I do.  My mission is simply to help individuals, families and organisations discover all that they were created to be.  I am a teacher, and a family and education coach and trainer.  Far more significantly I am husband to Shell and Dad to 4 very little, very exhausting and very beautiful boys.

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